To provide in our region quality products and services to fulfill the requirements of:

  • Our customers
  • Our partners
  • Our companies

Based on mutual respect and trust.


To be recognized as a professional group to deliver exceptional services efficiently.


Strive to meet our customer’s expectation.
To form selective alliances or partnerships with leading companies in each industry.
To enhance the employee skill, working environment and maximizing the owners return.

Our Business


Fruits is such a fundamental word that underpins not only who we are as people, but echoes through all our languages and cultures. We talk of the ‘fruits of success’, or the ‘fruit of our labours’ or dreams coming ‘into fruition’. Fruit is the essential sweetness that makes our lives worth living. It would be a hard world, indeed to imagine without it.
Tabiaat covers the GCC with our selection and depth of range in our premium quality fruit products, whether they come from the farthest, most distant places—or just down the road.


It is said that we feast with our eyes, before we taste the bounty which lies before us. Certainly how else should one describe the colourful array and radiance of the fresh vegetables Tabiaat offers your customers. We take pride in discovering new flavours and emerging varieties from around the world, which we then bring to the GCC.

Vegetables are the staple of our life, no matter which cuisine we prefer. They are nutritionally dense and provide many a health and dietary benefit.

Cake & Cookies

We pride ourselves in crafting the most scrumptious, home-styled treats that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether you’re giving a corporate gift of cookies, a special treat for a loved one, or an afternoon delicacy for yourself, Tabiaat will always excite your palate with fine ingredients, pure flavor, and alluring appearance.


Our meat is free of sugar,
Nitrates, nitrites, food dyes,
GMO grains,saline solutions,
And any and all other sorts of funk!
Grass Fed
Beef + Lamb
100% Grass fed
100% Grass finished
Our meat is free of antibiotics,
hormones, GMO grains, confinement
buildings, and sketchy growing practices.
Sustainably farmed.

Our sustainably sourced seafood
is prepared following Marine Conversation Society guidelines.
Our high-quality varieties are packed with flavor and offer
an interesting alternative to your usual choices.
Varieties will vary dependin g on the season,
so keep an eye out for anything new.

About Us

Tabiaat Trading Establishment is a major diversified group established since 2012, based in Saudi Arabia and operating across the Middle East and in the wider region, Tabiaat succeeded in the market, and it is in the stage of expanding its business in the region. Its business activities focus on Wholesale and retail agents in food and beverages, Wholesale and retail sale of fish and meat products, Wholesale and retail sale of chocolate and cocoa, Sale Wholesale and retail of carbonated water and juices, Wholesale and retail sale of fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables and dates, Retail sale of poultry and eggs, Trade Candy, chilled and frozen goods stores (refrigerated warehouses).

Company in Numbers

Tabiaat led by a professional people and well-qualified management team. They are guided by a clear mission and vision for growth, and a set of core values that include quality, professionalism, highest level of ethics and social responsibility.
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